Worm: “Allo”

Sarah: “You don’t by any chance know the way through this labyrinth, do you?”

Worm: “Who me? No, I’m just a worm.”


Sitting at the studio listening to the women maneuvering their way through their own personal labyrinths… brought back to me the wisdom of a worm from my children’s favorite childhood movie, The Labyrinth.  The scene is a young woman searching through a labyrinth for her brother who was kidnapped by the Goblin King…David Bowie! She gets frustrated as the paths keep switching and changing and she comes across this darling little worm with a British accent. He invites her in to meet the Misses and have a cup of tea…

The choices each of us make takes us on twists and turns as we seek the “treasures” at the end of our journeys. Or, are the treasures supposed to be found along the path? The treasure being a home, a job, a relationship, a sense of well-being, peace, contentment or love.

As fellow travelers we come against crossroads or dead-ends, each turn takes us on a different path. Each path takes us through life experiences that lead to new paths. Each choice has a different outcome, some take us through shortcuts, others; the long way around, sometimes circling back over and over again. Some places where we have no idea how we got there!

Worm:  “Oh no, don’t go that way…Never go that way! That way will take you straight to the castle!”


I’m continuously finding that I’m just a listener, engaging in each of their labyrinth experiences and yet simultaneously, a hiker in my own. Taking my own path, choosing my own journey through my own personal labyrinth. I cannot know their way, nor am I responsible for their choices of paths. But, I can be a worm on the wall…listening and inviting them in for tea.