Another week of discovery. 

A week of discovering creative talents that have been hidden.

A week of discovering courage, giving strength to boldly go…

A week of discovering friendships built on trust and a common sisterhood    

The renovation of the studio is almost complete. Now, we begin the deliberate equipping of the beautiful space. We plan on filling it with large, sturdy tables and an abundance of comfortable, practical chairs for sewing, jewelry making, handcrafts and painting. Yes, I did use those two words in the same context to describe chairs! It is possible!

Your prayers are especially appreciated in covering us women in love, courage and strength for the day.

We are grateful for our very handy man Art, who works to keep Repurpose Art Studio moving forward. A sincere thank you to Trinity Presbyterian Church for donating furniture to help make this space inviting and functional. Thank you to the multitude of people who have given of themselves and their wealth, be it financial or material…you provide the opportunity to keep our hearts full and our hands busy here at the studio.

We had the pleasure of having gentlemen from the Ledger visit the Studio on Wednesday. Several of our women had the opportunity to share the stories of their lives and their time here at Repurpose. The photographer snapped photos of watercolors moving on paper, beads strung on string and threads cross-stitched onto cloth. They graciously spent time on their knees picking up spilled beads from a necklace that slipped from Allie’s fingers. They shared in our time together as if they had all day. Hoping to see them again once we are settled in our new space. It was truly a pleasure.


Preparing our cherry blossom tree and watercolor note cards for Spring Obsession at the Downtown Farmers Market on March 11! Our ladies didn’t know how talented they are.