Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won’t be the victim of needless suffering.

As we learn how to learn, we learn to listen. As we learn to listen, we learn to care.

We have been enjoying a couple weeks of open studio time…building jewelry racks, finalizing string art and decoupage projects before beginning our sewing orientation last Friday.

Since beginning this particular blog back in June of 2017, the studio has continued to evolve into a peaceful place of learning. Learning how to speak, learning how to listen, learning confidence, learning courage and learning what love looks like at all these different turns in our lives. So many women have walked through these doors carrying a myriad of trauma, drama and consequences of decisions, choices and paths taken. Some continue in the same cycles, falling into the same holes, awaiting the same fool with the same ladder screaming the same promise to walk her through the same fix to a problem only she is able to identify. We learn, sitting in this space, that we can love without being responsible for others, we can care without putting ourselves in their shoes. We must learn to love differently and without expectations or agendas… Only then are we all able to create beautiful things out of a renewed beautiful heart.

Some come for coffee, some for the phone and others just curious to see what happens inside these doors. Some enter smelling like they just bathed in beer, some like they crawled out of a chimney! All accepting an open door, a smile, a listening ear and a hug. Willing, for the moment, to breathe in the quiet, feeling the change of energy and taking what they need…just for that moment. Over the past months we have had strangers become friends and some we thought were friends become strangers. The studio becomes a micro-community as our relationships grow and shift and show us ourselves. Each one of us learning more about ourselves, seeing ourselves reflected in the irritating characters of our fellow travelers. We are a pretty telling crowd, us humans! If only we can own our part in this space we work, live and love, others will have the same realization…possibly…and we can “keep the ugly outside!”