I recently spent four days in Austin, Texas living in a tiny house in a community of previously homeless humans.

I engaged with folks over meals, as I walked the streets with my morning coffee, around evening bonfires and ending my precious time there with a late night karaoke sing!

We shared our stories and became more aware of our commonness. A connectedness that meanders through joy and pain and healing, sometimes separating friends and families and unexpectedly creating new ones.

A strength of character grown through struggle…Community!

We all need a community of people we surround ourselves with – those that know us and love us anyway. Those without expectations. Those who give and love unconditionally.

A family…A Community!

As the homeless are housed here in Lakeland they are separated from their community and too easily become isolated, depressed and hopeless.

Community First Village in Austin, Texas has created a beautiful place of community. A place to learn to live, an opportunity for healing and an atmosphere of love.

There’s much to learn walking the streets in this neighborhood, much to learn sharing the studio with the women in my community.

This community is a lesson in Courage!