Over the past several months I have been reading and soaking in the words of, “A Fearless Heart: how the courage to be compassionate can transform our lives” by Thupten Jinpa. One of the practices in the book is repeating, “Just like me, all others aspire to happiness and desire to avoid suffering.” The human connection… Just like me!

During my very short time here at Repurpose Art Studio I have witnessed compassion at work in the smallest of gestures to the moving of mountains! The practicing of compassion takes on life and breath here. The out-workings of compassion are subtle at times, but if you are still and watch…the joy bursts forth from the faces of our women as an inward smile or a confident turn of their head as they survey the final brushstroke on a notecard!

My Favorite Photo of The Joy Breaking Through!

We have been joyfully preparing for “Spring Obsession” this Saturday, March 11th and our table at the Downtown Farmer’s Market. The ladies have been practicing watercolor techniques and being creative with adding color and texture to the lovely Spring note cards we will be showcasing this month at the market. Our aprons and jewelry will be available as usual. The proceeds from the market will go towards a specific project to purchase 10 basic, heavy-duty Singer sewing machines. We have several job opportunities arranged for our women who will be trained on the machines, so we are anxious for the current work to be accomplished so they can begin a new creative endeavor that will increase their marketable skills!

We would appreciate any donation towards this project. Thank you in advance for your generosity!

We are preparing for a workday this Saturday as well. We will have college students and neighbors here moving furniture, painting the last bit of moulding in our studio, building shelving in our cabinets to organize our supplies and creating a “Gallery” in our gathering space to display artwork.

Then comes the “fun” part…settling into our newly renovated Studio!  The dream is becoming reality. We will have a spacious studio with sturdy tables for sewing machines, a cutting table and a lovely, vintage, wooden ironing board! The painting center will have tables, easels and drawing boards with a plethora of supplies to inspire creative play that we all so dearly need, no matter your age! For our handcrafters, we will find a couple comfortable chairs for hunkering down in and keeping the fingers full of threads and yarns.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!