To use God in your life is to bring into manifestation all harmony, beauty, joy and happiness.

The Two Listeners/God Calling


The joy of watching Fred come into existence from caring, creative hearts to encourage a fellow traveler and gardener. Fred now stands proudly in the newly planted Talbot House garden. Love has many faces at Repurpose Studio. 

The faces in the studio change, but the heart of the Father makes it’s way through this space through avenues unexpected. Several of our ladies have moved on to employment, others back to their homes and some back to the streets. Celebrating the joy of growth and recovery and sitting with the uncertainty, frustration and sadness of hopes unfulfilled goes hand in  hand here. Love is the common thread that weaves itself through it all!


Legacy Christian Church invited Repurpose Art Studio to display some of our creative efforts at their Easter Sunday Art Show. Thank you Sara for the opportunity to promote our women and their work.

Through the very generous gifts of many loving people in the community and beyond, our goal of 12 sewing machines has been reached and our classes will begin in May. The excitement has been building and we are thrilled to have so many of our ladies interested in learning a new skill, making them marketable in the community.

Fabric has been our media for spring, creating flowers on stems and on magnets for May Day and for Mother’s Day as corsages. It never ceases to amaze me how outdated fabric can get new life, becoming beautifully remade into a purpose discovered only after someone discarded it. Sounds like life renewed!


Gardening at Rosa’s.

Brian introducing and directing the workday at Repurpose Studio.

Our group got to play in the Studio…creating note cards to take to the market in May!

We now have a lovely workbench in our Wood Room.

Several small groups headed out to the neighborhood to meet our neighbors and invite the women to the Studio and connect for Christ.

This past Saturday, Grace City Church blessed Gospel Inc., Repurpose Art Studio and Lighthouse Ministry with a large group of men, women and children willing and excited to step out in the neighborhood and put their hearts and hands to work. Thank you to all involved for your continued generosity in the community and this ministry.

Dear friends, I’m finding, after four long months in this position, that we are a conduit. Nothing more, nothing less… A space that allows the flow of humanity’s suffering and inexplicable joy into a space of peace and healing. We are not a soup kitchen, there are places in this neighborhood that do that really well. We feed the creative spirit. We are not a Bible Study. There are tremendous classes that teach the Scriptures daily throughout the city. We teach acceptance and non-judgement. We are not a church. There are over 50 churches throughout Lakeland that preach their doctrine. What we do…is love, unconditional, unrestricted, unashamed…love. Come join us!