Joyce is my friend, our facilitator at RePurpose Art Studio and Jersey girl. Do not disregard her fury because of her stature! She can take you out with a glance…

Her story melds into the studio’s beginnings as a mainstay of it’s purpose and possibilities. Her story, as most, begin at home as a child under the care of a creative, tender father and a resourceful, controlling mother. A family unit that was grown from the Eastern European cornerstone of a Grandmother, with whom Joyce shared a bedroom and remembers through her myriad of stories she shares. Those stories are told through the eyes of a wounded child, a broken woman and a resilient, beautiful friend.

Joyce can make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear…Really! Everything she touches, from fibers to paints become another chapter in her story. From the life she brings to canvases and walls to recreating trash into treasures, she pours herself into each piece, Remaking that joy of handwork to remind herself that she is also remade into a capable, courageous and beautiful woman, free to be free!

As I listen to the stories that flow through these windows and walls I’m always reminded of how lost we believe we are while in the midst of our journey.

Joyce hasn’t forgotten her paths through her labyrinth- she regularly looks back to remind herself how far she’s come.