Strange, but I don’t remember when “Cindy” began coming to the studio – it feels like she has always been here. She just pitches in and does what is asked or required of any given project, meticulously finishing each sewing project with sequins and flare! She’s become a proficient seamstress even though she stumbles over the simplest concepts. A gentle reminder and she’s off and running creating lovely bags and aprons to sell at the market.

“Cindy” lives with constant pain from the arthritis racking her body. She is diligent in her doctor appointments knowing it is the only path to healing and relief. She has had little contact with her family until recently.

Watching and listening to her responses, her excuses and reasonings of her choices, it has become so telling that her childhood was one of belittling, shaming and neglect, building her desperate case for acceptance and love. She has little concept of personal space probably due to her hunger to be close…to be seen…to be heard…to be loved.

“Cindy’s” residual emotional pain lies just under a fine veil of peace and joy. She clings to that delicate lace with a tight fist, outwardly denying anger as an emotion until her lie cuts through. “Cindy” has few friends and repels the ladies like same pole magnets, not realizing that the impersonation she carries like a shield isolates her. The shield is no longer necessary…


She is beautiful.

She is capable.

She is loved.

She is enough.